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The In-Home Consultation is a service we provide to help you at the start of your bathroom renovation project. We will provide professional advice on the plan of your new dreamed-about bathroom and offer design ideas to help you achieve it. The meeting can take up to an hour and a half, and at the end of this appointment you will have a detailed quote estimate for your new dreamed-about bathroom. We cover a range of topics, outlined below, during the first meeting. To help our customers prepare for the In-Home Consultation, we have provided the following suggestions. Of course it’s not critical to do this preparation but those who do find it worth the effort.

In-Home Consultation topics:

  • Your bathroom requirements and needs
  • Your budget
  • Your bathroom ideas
  • Bathroom Layout ideas and options
  • Bathroom product options
  • Your bathroom quote estimate

So, here are some simple ideas to help you prepare for our first meeting:


Critical bathroom planning questions

Think about your design and layout by asking the following questions:

  • What type of family do you have and how much space will they need?
  • What are your usage requirements (ie. Does everyone get ready at the same time in the morning?)
  • What are your must-haves and what goes on the wish list?
  • Where are you prepared to compromise?
  • Are you wishing to use any part of the original bathroom?

It’s important to clarify the current and future needs for your new bathroom. For example, what is most important about this bathroom both now and in the future? Is ease of cleaning, water saving, storage, lighting, safety, or a sense of space most important to you?

Who will use this bathroom? Do they have any special needs? If it’s a bathroom for small kids, we might want to consider height accessibility and safety. Hot water temperature and tiles less prone to getting slippery are just some considerations.

It is important to consider the needs of your bathroom users, so together we can plan and design your beautiful yet functionally practical bathroom.


Gather ideas for your perfect bathroom

During the first meeting we will prompt you to describe your perfect bathroom. It’s your ideas, your dreams that must be bought to fruition. An easy and helpful way to convey your ideas is to collect photographs of bathroom ideas which appeal to you. These could be found in a magazine, on the internet, or in a bathroom product brochure. Collect as many such pictures as you care to assemble. Each of these items provide additional information aimed at designing the perfect bathroom for you.

We also recommend setting up a flexible bathroom reno checklist.


Set a realistic Budget

You may intend to live in the property or sell in the near future. The cost of a carefully planned bathroom renovation will be an excellent investment only as long as the cost is consistent with the overall value of the house.

Remodelling bathroom renovation typically includes upgrading fittings, fixtures and tiles within the existing layout. This can be accomplished for $10,000 to $15,000 with careful product selection and clever small bathroom renovation ideas.

Layout Alteration renovation often becomes necessary as lifestyles within the household change. These projects are generally more complex, often involving additional work such as electrics, plumbing and plastering. As a guide to budgeting, such bathroom renovations would start from $15,000.

Prior to this initial meeting you need to set and agree on the budget. From the start Pinnacle Bathrooms will work towards designing a bathroom that meets your budget.


Your bathroom floor plan

By drawing up a simple floor plan of your current bathroom you can get a good feel for how fixtures fit into your bathroom, particularly if you intend to include additional or larger items.

Start with a freehand drawing, using a measuring tape to carefully note specific dimensions such as wall lengths, door sizes, the position and dimensions of windows, bath tub, shower stall and basins.

Use a pencil to transfer this information onto graph paper, using an appropriate scale to record all items accurately.

Complete the information by drawing out wall plans in the same way, noting the height of doors, cabinets, tubs and electrical switches.

If you renovation involves a new layout, use your pencil drawings to visualize the options for placement of features planned for the project. As a bathroom is usually a small space, it is often best to concentrate on the one or two features considered vital. If compromise is unacceptable Pinnacle Bathrooms will help you find a way.


Choosing Bathroom Products

During the first meeting we will discuss bathroom products and recommend a package that meets your taste and budget.

We can supply an extensive range of packages and products. Before we meet take the time to consider the styles you like in tapware, vanities, tiles and accessories etc.

And of course, should you identify a specific item, a special tapware item perhaps, we will be happy to source it through our respected range of suppliers. This allows you to benefit from special industry purchasing arrangements maintained by Pinnacle. Alternatively you can choose to purchase your bathroom products at your preferred supplier. The choice is yours. We believe in giving our customers options.


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